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Name:Simon's Rock College
Location:Great Barrington, Massachusetts, United States of America
Website:Simon's Rock College
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Community description:A gathering place for those interested in Simon's Rock, including alums and current students.
From the Simon's Rock Website:

Founded in 1966 on the idea that many bright, highly motivated young people of 15 or 16 are ready to undertake serious college work, Bard College at Simon's Rock was created through the extraordinary vision of Elizabeth Blodgett Hall. Mrs. Hall had the idea to create the nation’s first early college, and committed the resources of the Blodgett Foundation to realizing her vision, building and sustaining Simon's Rock through its first decades. While the notion of early college has gained considerable momentum in recent years, Simon's Rock remains unique: the only college in America specifically founded and solely dedicated to offering an excellent residential liberal arts college program to students after the tenth or eleventh grade.

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